Dallas Plastic Card Co Inc is a specialist in plastic card Embossing and Encoding. We have been providing personalized plastic cards for more than 35 years. Our automated embossing systems insure fast turnaround, and we offer 3 business day or less turn times on orders of 10,000 or less cards.
Embossed plastic cards are perfect for membership cards, loyalty cards and many other applications.




Tipping is a process where the tops of embossed characters are colored a different color than the rest of the card. Gold, Silver and Black are the standard colors we use in the tipping process and are included in our pricing.



Mag Stripe Encoding


Magnetic stripe encoding can be accomplished at the same time as embossing, for cards equipped with a magnetic stripe and will ensure that your mag stripe cards work with your hardware and software. There are three available encoding tracks on a magnetic stripe, with the first two tracks being the most used.
Mag stripe encoding is perfect for gift cards, loyalty cards, membership cards and more.


Work is accepted from:


HARD COPY (Typed or computer generated lists)
Computer FILES (Excel email file attachments, IBM compatible disks or CD’s)


Rely on us for consistent, accurate, and reliable service for your embossed/encoded cards:

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